McCaffery Nolte and Associates

Serving the Pacific Northwest for over fifty years

McCaffery Nolte and Associates

McCaffery Nolte and Associates is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to our manufacturers and retailers.  We strive to exceed sales and merchandising objectives of our clients by providing innovative sales and marketing assistance.  Our dedication has resulted in continued growth for our manufacturers and retailers alike. 

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Our Services

Retailer Knowledge & Expertise

In-depth knowledge of each retailer’s business operations, logistics, retail facilities and product management processes.

Sales & Marketing Management

Active participation in vendor/retailer relationship to ensure the highest level of success for both parties.  We are involved with sales presentations and negotiations, product presentations, and marketing programs.

Administrative Support

We oversee order tracking and management and produce in-depth purchase order and shipment reports.  We provide detailed information on product sales and inventory analysis and control. 

Our Retail Partners